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We now offer private workshops in order to cover just what you want to learn. Contact me and we will set a time and set up an entire campsite, cook a meal over the fire, show you what to pack and how. Destination choices and routes to explore. You can determine what topics to cover, length of time and have one on one instruction. We can show you how to explore and have an adventure on you own if you wish. You can even stay overnight as a demo in a private campsite all to yourself. Children and families welcome. 


Joe Hunt

Nomad Overlanding




Come see us March 15-17th!

We will have a Car Camping/Overlanding Campsite on display in the McLeod Center daily.
Friday @ 6 PM – Saturday @ 2 PM – Sunday @ Noon 

Beyond BOW - Overland Camping

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Beyond BOW - Overland Camping

Nomad Overlanding will be at the BOW weekend in May if you would like to attend. If you have any questions about a workshop or class feel free to contact me at 319-521-6513. More overlanding and camping workshops are available on request. Camp at a private campsite, attend a private, one on one workshop. See what it takes to get started, or choose an adventure,  we can help you get prepare